2024 MWSC Board of Directors Candidates

Board Nominees

    Officer Candidates (1-year term)


    Mike Pinkin

    Incumbent. Mike has completed two terms as board president.

    Our family of four have been members of our pool for six years, and I have served on the board for five years. In the coming year, I would like to continue working with the board to make improvements to the clubhouse, refresh our by-laws, and ensure that the pool continues to be an inviting place for all our neighbors.


    Amy Noji

    Amy has a long history as a member at the pool, and has previously served as board president. She is currently leading a committee for long-term budget and vision planning for the board.


    Ed Schmalzle

    Incumbent. Ed has served as Secretary and Membership chair for one term.

    Board of Directors Candidates (3-year term)

    Chuck Kasky

    I’m hoping to join the swim club board to continue the good work you all are doing. The pool is a great community amenity and I’m looking forward to learning more and I feel I can contribute to its continued success.

    Chief Executive Officer, Senior Corporate Counsel, and Legislative Counsel with in-depth business and legal experience, including all aspects of association management, corporate and non-profit law, real estate, and federal, state, and local government.

    Kirk Kolodner

    I have been a member of the swim club for 30 years. About 15 years ago or so,  I was president of the swim club and this was around the time the “new” pool was designed and built. (The original pool, which was built in 1970, was deteriorating and needed to be replaced, and a group of board members (myself included) worked with Lothorian Pools to re-configure and build the pool that now exists; and we did so in a very financially responsible way.)  

    Over the years I have done various tasks for the swim club:  For many years, I shoveled wood chips near the basketball court area when Brian Sullam was president.  Several times, I painted the pool bottom with the former pool manager Sam to ready the pool for the season.  As a lawyer, I arranged with Springwell’s predecessor the Wesley for the swim club to use the 60 foot by 60 foot parcel of land immediately adjacent to the baby pool, so that the swim club would have that significant area for use, by securing an easement over that land which remains titled to Springwell. I was involved in many decisions to insure the pool’s solvency, and it is important that it remains on solid financial footing which is a primary reason I wish to re-join the board.  

    The swim club is a great community asset and I have the skills, experience and knowledge to insure its longevity well after I have taken my last swim. 

    Charles Mallonee

    Incumbent. Charles has served on the Board of Directors since 2014, and has been a member of the pool since its inception.

    Josie Raney

    Hi Mount Washington neighbors! My husband Brian and I have lived in the neighborhood for ten years and joining the pool was one of the first things we did after buying our house in Mt Washington. I am a lifelong lover of water/swimming and currently an enthusiastic middle-aged lap swimmer at the MWSC. I love the environment, community, and natural beauty of the pool. I’d like to join the board to “pay forward” some of the enjoyment the pool has given me over the last decade, and to share some ideas for new community-enhancing programming and other initiatives with other board members.  

    For other recent volunteer work, I served the neighborhood as a community representative on the Mount Washington School’s School Family Council from 2017-2021, assisting in the principal search and selection process twice during that term. Additionally, since March of this year I have served as a Red Cross disaster services volunteer in Baltimore City, assisting Baltimore families in the immediate aftermath of house fires and other urgent, life-threatening events. 

    Lissa Rotundo

    I would like to serve on the board off the Mt. Washington Swimming Club.  I have much enjoyed the club for several years now, and would like to “give back” in whatever way I can.   I have no complaints about the way the club is run, but if I can be helpful in making things even better, I’d be happy to try.

    Marie Savoie

    My reasons are pretty simple. I was approached by a board member because they needed help. I’ve been a member for a few years now and my family loves the pool. Volunteering is a way to give back to the community and ensure that my family and others can enjoy the pool for many years to come.  

    Ed Schmalzle

    Incumbent since 2020. Ed has served one term on the board, and is the acting Secretary and membership chair.

    Mitch Strobel

    Incumbent since Summer 2023.

    I am a financial advisor with Armstrong, Fleming & Moore (Washington, DC), where I’ve worked since 2009, and became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional in December 2018. I work with clients of all ages and demographics with their financial planning needs, including investments, college savings, retirement planning, etc.; and specifically, have focus on socially responsible investing. As one of the younger advisors of our firm, I also help to manage our team of more junior paraplanners, and separately am part of the firm’s charitable planning team.   

    I am interested in joining the board for multiple reasons, but the primarily to give back to the community, connect with more people and make new friends. In my role as a financial advisor, I regularly get to work with a team of professionals to help build a financial plan for clients and enjoy being able to make connections and learn from others.  

    Ben Weckstein

    I am writing to express my sincere interest in serving on the Mount Washington Community Pool Board. Our community pool is a cherished place that brings neighbors together, and I am eager to play a role in making it an even more enjoyable and vibrant space for our residents.

    As a long-time member of the Mount Washington community, I have seen firsthand how our pool serves as a hub of activity and a source of fun and relaxation for all ages. I believe that my enthusiasm and dedication can contribute positively to the board’s mission of enhancing the pool’s appeal.

    While I may not have formal qualifications, I have a deep passion for ensuring that our pool remains a place of joy and laughter. I firmly believe that a pool should be more than just a place to swim; it should be a center of community life, a place where residents can create lasting memories.

    If selected for the Mount Washington Community Pool Board, my main focus will be on:

    1. Creating a Fun Atmosphere: I will work to ensure that the pool is a place where everyone can have fun, whether it’s through exciting events, family-friendly activities, or a welcoming environment.

    2. Engaging the Community: I will actively seek input from fellow residents to gather ideas for enhancing the pool experience, making it a space that truly reflects our community’s desires and needs.

    3. Inclusivity: I am committed to promoting inclusivity at the pool, making it a place that welcomes all members of our diverse community.

    4. Fostering a Sense of Community: I believe the pool can be a place that strengthens our neighborhood’s bonds and connections, and I will work to create opportunities for residents to come together and build lasting friendships.

    I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the Mount Washington Community Pool’s success and to help create a place where fun and community spirit thrive.

    Sebastian Weeks

    Sebastian and his family moved to the neighborhood a few summers ago and instantly fell in love with the pool when they were able to join as members! As an ocean lifeguard for 10 summers on the DE shore as well as an environmental educator and sustainability professional, he wants to join the Board to bring that experience and systems thinking to bear in making the Club the best it can be moving forward from pool safety, to grounds and facilities, to pool experience, and everything in between. He hopes to be able to give back to the community in this capacity as a Board member to a space that has already been a refuge for him and his family these past couple summers and will continue to be in the future! He thanks you in advance for your consideration!